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Our study programs: STATELY RECOGNIZED

Jagiellonian Academy
(Poland, Torun)

Welcome to the Website of the
Jagiellonian Academy.



The Jagiellonian Academy in Toruń (Polish: Akademia Jagiellońska w Toruniu) is a fully state-accredited private university in Poland. Our university was founded in 2003. The Jagiellonian Academy currently has a four-digit number of enrolled students and a five-digit number of graduates. In addition to the main campus in Poland, the university maintains a satellite campus in the Czech Republic (Uherské Hradiště). The Jagiellonian Academy's Faculty of Public Administration and Economic Studies, located there, offers, in addition to the regular classroom courses, the  professional managers educational programs (100% online):

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Master of Business Administration

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Service Name

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Master of Science (90 ECTS

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In the following picture you can see the main campus of the university in Torun (Poland):



Moment in the life of the Jagiellonian Academy - Awarding the University´s Jagiellonian Award:

Vaclav Klaus, winner of the Jagiellonian Award, visited our university in 2017 for the award ceremony.  

Rita Tamasiuniene (Foreign Minister of Lithuania), winner of the Jagiellonian Award, visited our university in 2020 for the award ceremony.





















General Information:

The programs are offered in English and in a 100 percent online mode. There are no fixed lectures, exams or dates. Committed students can graduate quickly here; there is no minimum length of study!

Please note the subheadings (see the top of this page) for further information about the study programs.

The following applies to all programs:

An English-language script is provided for each content module (with the exception of the thesis only programs), which contains some tasks that must each be answered with at least half a page of text. The answers can be written in English and based on the scripts or other academic texts that you have found on Google Scholar, for example, or based on your own professional experience.

Depending on the course of study, the dissertation can deal with an economics topic or a topic from the field of IT, law, education, social sciences or other related fields. For your dissertation, you may be able to build on an existing text you have written, provided it is of appropriate quality.

Duration of study and tuition fee:

Study progress takes place flexibly at your own pace, committed students can graduate in a short time!

You can find out the surprisingly cheap tuition fee upon request.

Study objective:


The graduate of the DBA / DSc. / Ed.D./ LL.D. / MBA is equipped with knowledge and skills that make it possible to effectively lead top executives in various areas of the economy. In addition to the acquisition of theoretical knowledge, the course also emphasizes the ability to work independently with academic texts and data sources, the ability to derive and formulate one's own conclusions and opinions, the application of theoretical knowledge in solving individual tasks and the ability to generalize knowledge based on the work in the assignments and the dissertation.


Advantages of studying compared to studying at American Universities:

The studies are much more flexible and can be completed more quickly than is the case with the rigid and strict courses at American Universities. The dissertation can be written in English. There are no exams or other fixed dates.

The course can be completed 100% online (distance learning) and is ideal for working people.

What you get:

After completing your studies, you will receive your diploma confirming the completion of post-graduate studies at our university.

In addition, you will receive a diploma supplement that includes the completed modules with ECTS and the dissertation topic.


The University’s Polish website is available here:

The homepage of the Faculty of Administration and Economic Studies based in the Czech Republic is available here:

Please note that German-language advice and study registration is only possible via the website you are currently on (


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