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The DBA at a glance:

  • Course content: Editing a study script and writing a dissertation

  • ECTS: The DBA awards 120 ECTS​

  • Duration of study: 2 - 4 semesters, there is no minimum or maximum duration of study

  • ​Mode: 100% online, self-paced, no fixed appointments

  • Tuition fee: You can find out about the surprisingly low tuition fee upon request


Content of study:


You will work on a study script in the area of ​​general management, which is provided in the university's e-learning environment and deals with the diverse sub-areas of business administration. The study script contains a number of questions, each of which must be answered freely.

Study script content:

1. Managerial Competencies
2. Leadership
3. Interpersonal and personal competencies
4. Research and marketing
5. Marketing mix

6. Brand and its basic concepts

7. Managerial Economics

8. Asset and capital structure

9. Yields and Profits

10. Costs

11. Present Valus

12. Controlling

13. Enterprise and its life cycle

14. Accounting, balance sheeets, Cash-flow

15. Case Studies


In addition, a dissertation must be written on a business topic of your choice of at least 60 pages. You are free to choose the topic of your dissertation. (For your dissertation, you may be able to build on an existing text you have written if it is of appropriate quality)

Duration of study:

The duration of study stated in the Diploma Supplement is 2 years. Since there is no minimum length of study, committed students can graduate quickly with us.

If you take more time than 2 years, there will be no additional costs.


120 ECTS are awarded for the course.

Study mode:


100 percent online-mode.

Admission requirements for studying:

You have completed a Master or Bachelor of Arts / Science.

After checking on a case-by-case basis, you can also register for studies with professional experience in individual cases.

Tuition fee:

You can find out about the surprisingly low tuition fees upon request.​

Advantages of studying compared to studying at American universities:

The course is much more flexible and can be completed more quickly than is the case with the rigid and strict DBA courses at American universities. The thesis can be written in English. There are no exams or other fixed dates.

The course can be completed 100% online (distance learning) and is ideal for working people.

What you receive:

After completing your studies, you will receive your diploma confirming the completion of post-graduate studies at our university.

You will also receive a diploma supplement that includes the modules you have completed and the dissertation topic as well as the credits and grades.

Legal basis of the study:

The program is offered as a postgraduate course (PGS), the legal basis is Article 164 of the Polish Higher Education Act (postgraduate course is called "studia podyplomowe" in Polish, these courses are regulated in the said article 164).

The DBA is not a research doctorate at the third level of the Bologna education reform.

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