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Accreditation/recognition of the university and your study programs

  • Name of the University (Polish): Akademia Jagiellońska w Toruiu 

  • Name of the University (English): Jagiellonian Academy in Toruń

  • Name of Faculty: Faculty of Administration and Economic Studies in Uherské Hradiště

1. Listing in the directory of state-recognized universities in Poland

Our university is listed in the Polish state directory of accredited universities with the entry number 281, here is the link to the directory:


2. Listing of the Faculty of Administration and Economic Studies

The Faculty of Administrative and Economic Sciences in Uherské Hradiště is officially registered with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic (MŠMT) as a faculty of a recognized foreign university. The diploma is awarded on the basis of the state accreditation of the university in Poland. Here is the link to the directory:

After opening the link above, select „Zahraniční vysoké školy působící v ČR a jejich studijní programy“ (Foreign universities operating legally in the Czech Republic).

Search our faculty under our Czech name („Fakulta veřejnosprávních a ekonomických studií v Uherském Hradišti, Vysoká škola Jagiellońská v Toruni, s.r.o.“) – The Faculty is currently ranked fourth from the top of the list.
Click “Details” on the right to view more information.

3. Recognition of the study programs in the Anabin directory:

All degree programs advertised on this homepage are offered on the basis of the Polish Higher Education Act. These are the programs "studia podyplomowe" (Polish name of the study type). Google Translate translates "studia podyplomowe" into English as "post graduate studies". The legal basis is Art. 163/164 of the Polish Higher Education Act.

Please note that our courses are not courses within the three-tier bachelor/master/doctoral hierarchy of the Bologna education reform.

Rather, these are practice-oriented continuing education courses that are specifically tailored to the needs of working people.

The "studia podyplomowe" are recognized as "post graduate study programs (PGS) in the German state Anabin directory, attached is the screenshot with the explanations:




Screenshot 2023-08-15 203027.png
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